Adding Friends and Family

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    Search for people to add. Facebook is all about making connections. Whether it’s keeping in touch with your cousin across the country or catching up with an old schoolmate on the other side of town, your Facebook experience will improve by adding connections.
    • Enter a person’s name, email address, or phone number into the search bar at the top of the page. This will return a list of results. Click the result from the list, and then click the “Add friend” button. This will send a message to the person asking to confirm your friend request. You can include a personalized message with your friend request.
    • When the other person accepts the request, you will become friends with them and will have access to their timeline.
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    Use the “People I may know” tool. When you click the Search bar, the first option will be “People I may know”. Click on this to open a list of people that you may know, based on people your friends know. This tool becomes more useful after you have a few friends added.
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    Organize your friends with Lists. You can create custom lists, or groups, of friends that let you easily share with specific people. In the left menu, hover your cursor over the Friends heading and click MORE. This will open a list of your Friends Lists.
    • Click the “+Create List” button to create a new list. You can create lists to help separate family from friends, and business from both.
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    • Enter the list name and add some members. As you type names, you will see suggestions for matches. This will let you quickly add multiple people.
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    • You can add new and existing friends by clicking the Friends button at the top of their profile and selecting the list you want to add them to.
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    Respond to friend requests. As you start connecting with other people on Facebook, you’ll start receiving friend requests from other users. You can see your pending requests by clicking on the Friends icon on the top of the Facebook screen.
    • Next to each request you will see the number of mutual friends you have with that person.
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    • You can click the person’s name to see their basic profile.
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    • Click the Confirm button to add the person as a friend, or the Not Now button to ignore the request.
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    Unfriend people you no longer want to connect with. If you no longer want to stay connected with someone, you can unfriend them so they no longer have access to your information and posts. To do this, click on the friend to open their profile, click the Friends button at the top of their page, and then select Unfriend.

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