Setting Your Privacy Options

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    Click the Gear icon in the top-right corner of the Facebook page. Click the “Privacy Settings” option to open the Privacy Settings and Tools page.
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    Review your available options. This menu will allow you to change the basic privacy settings that affect your whole Facebook account. Because of the social nature of Facebook, people tend to post a lot of personal information. Customizing your settings can help you keep personal information private. Be sure to review this section carefully so that you know who can see what.
    • You can set the default for who can see any future posts you make (this can be changed for individual posts when you make them).
    • You can change who can send you a friend request. By default, this is set to Everyone, but you can change it to Friends of Friends, which means that the person who sends the request has to be Facebook Friends with someone on your Friends list.
    • You can change who can look you up by email address and phone number.
    • You can tell search engines to not link to your timeline. This will prevent your timeline from showing up in web searches.
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    Check your Timeline and Tagging settings. In the left menu underneath the Privacy option, click Timeline and Tagging. This menu will allow you to control who can post to your timeline, who can see things on your timeline, and how you want tagging to be managed.
    • Tagging is the act of adding links to other people in photos and posts.

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