Creating and Attending Events

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    Create an event. Facebook allows you to create events which you can then send out invitations for or make public. To create an event, click the Events link in the left menu. At the top-right corner of the Events page, click the “+Create Event” button.
    • Set a name for the event.
    • Add details about your event. Let guests know what to expect or bring.
    • Set the date for the event. You can use the calendar button to open a calendar and choose a date. You can also specify a start and end time.
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    Set your event privacy. Before you click Create, set the privacy to the settings that best suit your needs. If you’re throwing a birthday party you probably want to keep it to invite only, but if you’re throwing a concert you’ll probably want to set it to Public.
    • If you choose Invite Only, you can choose to allow guests to invite others.
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    Send out the invites. If your event is Invite Only, then it’s time to send out the invitations. Click the link to “Invite Friends” and a window with all of your Facebook friends will appear. Check the box for each friend that you want to send an invite to.
    • You can invite people after the event is created as well.
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    Manage your event. Once your event has been created, you can visit in in the Events menu. On your Event page, you can post messages to the people that are attending, change the date and time, invite more people, and more.
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    Respond to event invites. If you’ve received an event invite, you will see it in your Notification window. You will have a few different options on how you’d like to respond to the invite. You can say you’re going, say “Maybe”, or decline the invite.

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