Uploading Photos and Video

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    Click the “Add Photos/Video” button at the top of your newsfeed. This will show two options: Upload Photos/Video and Create Photo Album. Clicking on either of these will open a file browser where you can browse for photos and videos on your computer.
    • You will be given the option to add additional photos after you select your first one.
    • You can tag friends and write a comment or description of the photo(s).
    • This method makes your photos a post on your timeline.
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    Create a photo album. If you choose the Photo Album option, you will be able to upload multiple photos into one album. The album editor will open and you will be able to give the album a name and a description.
    • You can also add a location for the album.
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    • If you want to add the photos at their original quality, click the High Quality box at the bottom of the album editor. Your uploads may take longer.
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    • Click the “+Add More Photos” button to find more photos on your computer to add to the album.
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    Delete photos you’ve uploaded. If you want to remove a photo that you’ve uploaded, you can do so from the photo manager. Click the Photos link in the left menu underneath your profile picture. This will open up all of your photos and albums.
    • Navigate to the photo that you want to delete.
    • Click the pencil button in the top-right corner of the photo preview. This will open a menu. Click the “Delete This Photo” option to remove the photo from your uploads.

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