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    Share what’s on your mind. To make a post, click the field at the top of your Newsfeed or Profile. You can start typing what you want to share. When you are ready to post, click the blue Post button.
    • Click the Privacy button next to the Post button to choose who can see your post.
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    • Typing in a “@” symbol followed by a friend’s name will bring up the option to tag that person in your post. They will receive a notification that you’ve tagged them in your post.
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    • Add a location to your post by clicking the Pin icon at the bottom of the post box.
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    Comment on a friend’s post. In your newsfeed, you will see a list of your friends’ posts. Underneath each post will be a box with your profile picture and a text field that says “Write a comment”. Click the field to add your comment. You can tag other users in your comment just like you would a regular post.
    • You can “Like” a post to show that you think it is a good post worthy of being seen. Posts that get Liked end up at the top of your friends’ newsfeeds more often, and can help posts spread across Facebook.
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    Share a link to another site. You can link to material all over the web by using your status update. Simply paste the URL for the site you want to link to and you will see a preview appear below the text field. You can then delete the link and the preview link will remain.
    • You can link just about anything, including YouTube videos, blog articles, images, and more.
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    Like pages on Facebook. You can search for artists, musicians, businesses, organizations, and more using the Facebook search bar. You can then “Like” these pages to receive updates on your newsfeed when they are posted. A lot of times, you can receive deals and early releases by being a Facebook fan.

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